Cafe where you will get snacks (Pizza, Pasta, Burger, Fries etc around 165 menu items) along with Coffee ie Coffee Ani Barach kahi... ( A Marathi proverb )
The first cafe started by Pradeep and Varsha in December 2017 at Kharadi, Pune 2nd cafe started at mundhwa Pune in may 2018.
Yes, We are a registered company named ABK Coffee Ventures Pvt. Ltd CIN: U15209PN2018PTC180499.
Yes, We give franchise of this brand first cafe of franchise started at Viman Nagar, Pune in sept 2018.
He/She having a passion to make money by serving good food.
Investors willingness to work 12 hours a day in order to maintain legacy and brand value of Coffee ABK which will result in Good ROI for a family who is going to take franchise of our brand.
10 Laks rs for building 350 sqr ft area 140 sqr ft kitchen and remaining for sitting and counter table. photo reference
7 Laks for Interior Design along with all cooking equipment every small stuff which is required for running any QSR ( download list ) 3 laks is franchise fee out of this we will spend 30-40 K while opening your store might be we will invite celebrity for Robin cut function (if available with good cost )
  1. Pay 3 lakes and sign LOI with us
  2. After signing LOI (letter of intent - which contains terms and conditions of business between brand and Franchise )
  3. Within 3 weeks of Signing LOI our team will finalize a location for the state, the location might be suggested by you or suggested by a local broker or any other way of searching for a good location where there is the good crowd who having good spending capacity for food.
  4. As soon as you take custody of property (Gala) and complete formalities of agreement sign and confirmation of electricity and water supply our team will start working on building your space this will take 25 days.
  5. Meanwhile interior designing your store we will train you and your staff for 15 days (according to schedule) how to cook menu how to handle customers, how to take online orders, how to run a successful business how to maintain an account everything related running QSR store.
  1. 3 lakhs then sign LOI
  2. 3 lakhs after starting Interior designing.
  3. 3 lakhs as soon as the kitchen is ready.
  4. 1 Lakh a day before the opening
We have tied up with some agencies who provide loan service, concern agency will guide you about regarding loan.
within 18 months your 10 lakhs will be recovered. (file download) Excel sheet
It is mandatory to buy raw materials from the brand (raw materials which we provide is with the best cost and at doorstep delivery)
The contract is between Brand and franchise is for 5 years. The franchise has to pay 5000/-
  1. Raw materials with good cost and time so franchise will concentrate only on doing good business.
  2. Train you and your every joined employee.
  3. Doing consistent marketing on Social media about the store so you will get a good sale.
  4. Make sure our store is available online on all possible platform in order to get good business.
  5. Keep updating owners about new opportunities for sales Ex: corporate connects, new recipes etc.
Average 55% (download file) PDF file
Thanks for your interest in Coffee ABK... we are eager to do business with you.
In case any query write us on [email protected] or WhatsApp on +91 7263878788